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Financial support


The Hechi government sets aside 2 million yuan every year for investment promotion and business invitation awards.



Any companies with 50 million yuan ($10 million) in fixed asset investment will get a refund on local added-value and income taxes for the first 2 years and a 50-percent reduction for the 3rd - 5th years.

Industrial development support


Hechi will support major industrial and infrastructure projects by giving them priority in national economic and social development plans.



The policies apply to any enterprise that follows the national industrial and environmental protection policies and invests in fixed assets of 50 million yuan ($10 million) or more and pays local taxes.

China revises regulation on business name registration


A revised regulation on registering business names will come into effect starting March 1, according to a State Council decree, signed by Premier Li Keqiang and issued on Jan 19.

Bama enacts measures to attract talents


In order to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, as well as further guide and encourage Bama-born talents to return home and bring back their knowledge, funds, and projects to start businesses, Bama Yao autonomous county has implemented an excellent talent referral plan to lead rural development and boost rural revitalization.

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