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Hechi's supportive policies to advance steady economic growth
Updated: 2020-03-27

Hechi in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region recently launched 66 supportive policies to advance the steady growth of its economy in the face of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

The policies mainly involve six aspects, covering taxation, reducing costs, stabilizing employment, finance, improving government affairs services and business environment, as well as ensuring people's wellbeings.

Liquor-making enterprises in Hechi that pay taxes in the city and whose tax payments have increased by over 10 million yuan ($1.41 million) over the previous year can receive a reward that is equal to 3 percent of their newly-added tax payment, while enterprises in other industries that meet the same criteria can receive a reward that is equal to 5 percent of their newly-added tax payment.

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises that are affected by the epidemic can receive an interest subsidy for half a year for loans of up to 2 million yuan from the district or county government where the enterprise is located.

To reduce the operating costs of enterprises in Hechi, the municipal government allows the deferred payment of land-transferring fees, the installment payment of the proceeds from the sale of mining rights, as well as the suspension or reduction of the rent of State-owned land.

Commercial service enterprises that lease State-owned premises for operation and production can be exempted from one month's rent and charged half for two months' rent.

In addition, the city's housing and urban-rural development bureau will promote the resumption of housing construction and infrastructure projects in an orderly manner. The bureau of commerce will speed up work resumption of enterprises in Hechi by helping purchase epidemic prevention supplies, providing daily supplies, helping employees return to work, and solving labor shortage problems.

The market regulation and management bureau of Hechi will improve and simplify administrative approval procedures, as well as build a market environment for fair competition.

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