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Hechi issues 6 measures to ensure employment
Updated: 2020-08-03

In order to make every effort to stabilize and promote employment, Hechi has recently issued a notice on stabilizing employment, taking targeted measures to promote economic development and ensure employment.

1.Support companies to stabilize positions

From May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021, Hechi is continuing to extend the implementation of the phased reduction of unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance rates. The city will increase support for small, medium, and micro enterprises in deeply impoverished areas. The steady post subsidies of general enterprises will be increased from 60 percent of their unemployment insurance premiums in the previous year to 100 percent.

2.Promote various channels for employment of workers

1)To encourage companies to create new jobs

Enterprises that develop new jobs and sign labor contracts with new employees for more than six months can receive a subsidy of up to one year of the social insurance premiums actually paid for the employees. For key enterprises recognized by governments at or above the county level, the subsidy period will be extended to two years.

2)To stabilize the employment of college graduates

Small, medium, and micro enterprises and social organizations that have provided employment for college graduates who have not been employed within two years of graduation and that have signed labor contracts for more than one year with social insurance premiums will be given an employment promotion subsidy of 2,000 yuan ($286.78) per person and a maximum social insurance subsidy of no more than one year. Job training subsidies will also be given to graduates of colleges and secondary vocational colleges in their graduation year, and be increased to 1,500 yuan per person per month.

3)Strengthen employment assistance

From Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2020, for those who have not found jobs after the expiry of the public welfare job policy or the flexible employment social security subsidy policy, the policy eligibility period can be extended by one year. Poverty alleviation workshops, enterprises, and social organizations that employ impoverished workers in accordance with the regulations can receive an employment subsidy of 2,000 yuan per year. Village-level public welfare jobs will be developed to help impoverished laborers find jobs locally.

3.Encourage entrepreneurship to drive employment

A one-time start-up subsidy of 5,000 yuan will be given to college graduates and those with employment difficulties who have established small and micro enterprises within the city for the first time that have been operating normally for more than six months. Those who have set up companies in impoverished areas will receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan per household. The subsidy standard for migrant workers will be increased to no less than 5,000 yuan per household, and for those located in impoverished areas, the subsidy standard will be increased to no less than 10,000 yuan per household.

4.Conduct large-scale vocational skills training

The city will carry out in-depth actions to improve vocational skills, focusing on the vocational skills training of enterprise employees and key employment groups, as well as providing vocational training subsidies in accordance with regulations. Trainees will receive a subsidy of 50 yuan per person per day.

5.Strengthen the livelihood security of people in need

Since December 2019, unemployed persons who are not employed after the expiry of receiving unemployment insurance benefits and are less than one year from the legal retirement age can continue to receive unemployment insurance benefits until the legal retirement age.

From March to December 2020, unemployed persons who are insured and receive unemployment insurance benefits that are not yet employed and those who have participated in unemployment insurance but are not eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits can apply for six months of unemployment subsidies.

6.Enhance employment and entrepreneurship services

Market entities, such as business human resources service agencies and labor brokers that organize rural laborers and registered unemployed persons to work in enterprises, assist in signing labor contracts for more than six months, as well as pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law for more than three months, will be given employment and entrepreneurship service subsidies at a rate of 600-1,000 yuan per person. All levels of public employment talent service organizations carrying out online recruitment activities can receive subsidies at a standard of 30,000 yuan per activity.

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