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Reforms in Jinchengjiang district help rural revitalization
Updated: 2020-05-15

Jinchengjiang district in Hechi has been promoting three reforms in rural areas to improve agricultural production and management, revitalize idle resources in rural areas, as well as encourage farmers to participate in agricultural operations with land resource, helping overcome poverty and propel rural revitalization.

The three reforms in Jinchengjiang district include "resources to assets," "capital-to-equity conversion fund," and "farmers become shareholders." People are encouraged to take the collectively-owned resource elements, as well as idle houses and equipment as their shareholding assets for development and management. The district government will invest all levels of finance in agricultural and rural development, as well as support funds, except disaster relief and subsidy funds. It will quantify the share discount to village collectives and farmers, helping them obtain share income. On a voluntary basis, farmers are encouraged and guided to invest in village collective economic organizations or new agricultural business entities with their own land contractual management rights and production factors.

In 2018, the registration and certification of rural land contracting management rights in Jinchengjiang district was basically completed. The problem of single industrial structure and slow development have been solved through reform, while farmers’ property income and collective economic income have been increased.

After reforms, the total rural collective operating assets in Jinchengjiang district increased from 3.17 million yuan ($446,439.14) to 360 million yuan, while the total income of the village collective economy increased from 2.72 million yuan in 2016 to 11.97 million yuan in 2019, among which the collective economic income of the 128 villages in the district reached more than 40,000 yuan. The per capita cash income of rural residents increased from 8,925 yuan in 2016 to more than 11,900 yuan in 2019.

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