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Bama enacts measures to attract talents
Updated: 2020-11-11

In order to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, as well as further guide and encourage Bama-born talents to return home and bring back their knowledge, funds, and projects to start businesses, Bama Yao autonomous county has implemented an excellent talent referral plan to lead rural development and boost rural revitalization.

The county implemented a village-level reserve talent training project, as well as publicly selected a group of village-level reserve cadres.

A matchmaking and liaison mechanism was established with labor and employment departments to conduct investigations to assess the situation of outstanding talents engaged in production, operation, and management work. An information database of external talents was also set up with dynamic management implemented and regular updates provided.

The county has built a multi-level and normalized communication mechanism, contacting talents outside Bama at least twice a year through telephone, WeChat, QQ, and other platforms. Chat groups have been established as information exchange and interactive communication platforms, while a brief introduction on the county’s economic and social development will be sent in a timely manner to transmit information regarding investment promotion, project construction, and talent needs.

The county has issued an implementation plan for village (community) cadres' work subsidies to increase their basic pay and performance rewards, set up collective economic development income-generating rewards, as well as to provide educational subsidies.

In addition, Bama has also improved the incentive and guarantee mechanism, as well as broadened the promotion channels for village cadres.

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