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Industrial output value of Guangxi FTZ hits 66.86 billion yuan in H1




Updated: 2023-08-10

The total industrial output value of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in the first half of the year reached 66.86 billion yuan ($9,27 billion), an increase of 13.6 percent.

Guangxi FTZ introduced 21 industrial projects with a total investment of 10.93 billion yuan, some 9.33 billion yuan of which has already been put in place.


The Qinzhou Port area of the Guangxi FTZ. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_df8bc987e060]

The Qinzhou Port area of the Guangxi FTZ is now paying more attention to promoting its industrial development. Staff at the Industrial Service Center of this port area inside the Guangxi FTZ have coordinated and solved many problems related to project expropriation and demolition, line relocation, and hydropower line installation to ensure the smoother processing of industrial projects.

The Qinzhou Port area is enjoying brisk business. For example, a 1.2-million-ton ethylene plant started construction on July 29. The project has a total investment of 30.5 billion yuan and adopts advanced technology for more environmentally friendly and energy-saving processes.

After completion, it will see demand for petroleum products reduced by 3.49 million metric tons and the production of chemical products ramped up by 3.06 million tons each year.