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Updated: 2023-06-22

Strategic positioning and development goals of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone

In order to fully implement the central government's requirements on developing the new strategic pivot for the opening-up of the Southwest as well as Central and South China, the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone aims to utilize Guangxi's close proximity to ASEAN states by building a new global land and sea trading channel, establish an important gateway that connects the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road Economic Belt. After three to five years of reform and exploration, it will become a high-quality and high-standard free trade zone that not only facilitates trade and investment activities, but also provides comprehensive financial services, offers secure effective regulation, and plays a strong role that leads the open collaborations between China and ASEAN states.

Implementation scope of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone

China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone is implemented in a total area of 119.99 square kilometers across three areas: 46.80 sq km in Nanning (including 2.37 sq km in Nanning's Comprehensive Bonded Zone); 58.19 sq km in Qinzhou Port (including 8.81 sq km in Qinzhou Bonded Port); and 15 sq km in Chongzuo area (including 1.01 sq m in Pingxiang's Comprehensive Bonded Zone). 

Highlights of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Build a new international channel for both land and sea trade. China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone will accelerate the development of a global corridor that connects western China with ASEAN states. Through the implementation of a series of innovative pilot tasks and policies, Guangxi FTZ will speed up the construction of a land-sea port, a China-Indochina Peninsula land gateway, and develop multimodal transport. Improvements across transport will create a modern logistics system that integrates land, sea and air, and facilitates the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative through specific paths and measures.

Transform border cooperation. Based on a solid foundation of opening-up in the border region, Guangxi boasts massive potential for innovation-driven development. Guangxi FTZ is dedicated to the opening-up of and cooperation among border regions, promoting innovative reforms in cross-border trade, logistics, financial services, tourism and labor services. It will also deepen mutually beneficial cooperation between neighboring countries and border areas across the country.

Highlight the creation of a pilot implementation area for ASEAN cooperation. In recent years, Guangxi has made a wide array of innovative exploration efforts in promoting the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and expanding global cooperation with a focus on ASEAN states. Guangxi FTZ will not only further expand cooperation with ASEAN states in logistics, trade, industry and financial services, but also promote the development of regional economic integration between China and ASEAN states.