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Qinzhou's administrative reform helps enterprises develop




Updated: 2023-02-21

In recent years, the Qinzhou Port area of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has focused on administrative approval reform, helping enterprises to develop.

The administrative examination and approval bureau of the Qinzhou Port Area has carried out examination and approval reforms, batch reforms for low-risk investment projects, and has optimized approval processes for government investment projects.

After the reforms, the number of approval procedures for general social investment projects has been reduced to eight, and the time limit for project approval has been reduced to 24 working days. The time limit for planning permission applications for construction projects will be shortened to five working days.

In 2022, a total of 13 major industrial projects worth 10 billion yuan ($1.45 billion) are under construction or have just begun construction in the Qinzhou Port area of the Guangxi FTZ, with a total investment of over 240 billion yuan.

A total of 12,792 enterprises that were established in the area over the last year, 61 are foreign-invested enterprises. The total industrial output value of enterprises above designated size reached 128.6 billion yuan, up by 38.5 percent from the previous year.

In order to promote industrial development, the Qinzhou Port area of the Guangxi FTZ has continuously optimized its examination and approval services for major investment projects. Business license processing is now near instant.

Last year, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region transferred 171 administrative cases to Qinzhou Port, and Qinzhou transferred 140 administrative cases to the Qinzhou Port area of the Guangxi FTZ. The Qinzhou Port area of the Guangxi FTZ has since completed 311 administrative cases at municipal level or at autonomous region level.


A staff worker handles business in Qinzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_df8bc987e060]