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Qinzhou Port handles 90b yuan of goods via trade corridor from Jan-Oct




Updated: 2022-11-28

From January to October, the value of imports and exports along the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor through the Qinzhou Port reached nearly 90 billion yuan ($12 billion).

"The main commodities imported from Qinzhou Port and countries along the Belt and Road, like Thailand and Indonesia are grain, fruit, and minerals products, among which the import volume of fresh durian from Thailand continues to expand, with a total value of 960 million yuan, up 54.9 percent. The main commodities exported from Qinzhou Port are mechanical and electrical products, as well as chemicals," said Zhang Dongdong, deputy chief of the comprehensive business section of Qinzhou Port Customs.

From January to October, the value and exports of the trade corridor through Qinzhou Port of Qinzhou to Thailand, Indonesia, as well as other countries along the Belt and Road totaled 64.35 billion yuan ($8.92 billion), an increase of 1.7 times.

Wang Rui, deputy manager of the commercial department of Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Container Terminal, said that the customs clearance facilitation level at Qinzhou Port, which is the main seaport of the trade corridor, has continuously improved. Currently, there are 37 foreign trade container routes operating from Qinzhou Port, achieving full coverage of major ASEAN ports.

At present, the construction of an intelligent port in Qinzhou is being accelerated. In addition, the country's first sea-rail automated container terminal opened as scheduled, the construction of the Beibu Gulf Port "smart bay" project continues to deepen, and customs facilitation reform continues to be carried out to improve the trade corridor's logistics and transport efficiency.


The Qinzhou Port area of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_df8bc987e060]