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Nanning cooperates with 9 ASEAN countries in digital economy




Updated: 2022-08-12

At present, the Nanning area of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has carried out nearly 20 business cooperation agreements in the field of digital economy in nine ASEAN countries, and built a batch of national and autonomous region-level internet platforms for the ASEAN region, as well as promoted the transfer of advanced technologies of China's digital economy.

In the past three years, the Nanning area of the Guangxi FTZ has steadily promoted the construction of the core base of the China-ASEAN Information Port in Nanning, with over 4,000 digital economy enterprises generating over 30.7 billion yuan ($4.56 billion) in revenue.

The National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center announced the typical cases of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2021, in which the "industrial internet + supply chain collaboration solution" of Guangxi Hisugar Technology, an enterprise based in the Nanning area, was selected.

After three years of development, the revenue of Guangxi Hisugar Technology has increased from 870 million yuan to 10.54 billion yuan. Last year, it broke the 10 billion yuan mark for the first time, maintaining a compound annual growth rate of more than 40 percent. This year, its revenue has reached 12.3 billion yuan as of June, with year's revenue expected to reach about 16.3 billion yuan.


The Nanning area of the Guangxi FTZ. [Photo/Nanning Evening News]