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Beibu Gulf Port to Ningbo Port container shipping route opens




Updated: 2022-01-27


The Xin Ming Zhou 78 vessel. [Photo/WeChat account: zmqqzgpq]

As the vessel Xin Ming Zhou 78 berthed at the Qinzhou Port area of Beibu Gulf Port on Jan 19, it marked the successful opening of the container direct shipping route from Beibu Gulf Port to Ningbo Port. This is also the first new route of Beibu Gulf Port in 2022 and it is being operated by Ningbo Ocean Shipping.

In order to promote the construction of domestic trade container water transportation channels from East China and the Yangtze River region to the Beibu Gulf region in Southwest China, Beibu Gulf Port and Ningbo Ocean Shipping created this high-quality route.

A 1,000 Twenty-feet Equivalent Unit (TEU) container ship is currently operating on the route. It is able to simultaneously support domestic and foreign trade, while greatly reducing the logistics cost of enterprises in the hinterland. Previously, it took six days to transport containers from Ningbo Port to Qinzhou Port, but this has been reduced to four to five days on the new shipping route, greatly improving the efficiency and service quality of cargo transportation.

Ningbo Port is one of the five largest ports in the world, with the largest cargo throughput. Through the smooth opening of this route, Qinzhou Port will aim to take advantage of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor and international gateway port to deepen cooperation with Ningbo Port this year.