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R&D center in China-ASEAN Information Harbor Base completed




Updated: 2022-01-13

A town in China-ASEAN Information Harbor Base completed its construction as an R&D center on Jan 10. It was listed as a major project for the overall promotion of Guangxi in 2019, and it is the first pilot project of the architect responsibility system in Wuxiang new district.

The planned land area of the town is 16.7 mu (1.11 hectares), with a total construction area of 35,000 square meters, including an R&D center, an exhibition center, an innovation laboratory, a data room, and a supporting office space.

The project adheres to the trinity concept of science and technology, humanities, and art to build intelligent, ecological, and humanistic buildings.

The town was built by a company named China-ASEAN Information Harbor. It will focus on the fields of information, communication and financial technologies, promote digital industrialization, industrial digitization, digital governance, deep integration of digital economy and real economy to push industrial transformation and upgrading, and high-quality development of Nanning.

The China-ASEAN Information Harbor Base was founded in 2015. It is a pivotal hub that enhances the Internet network, information interconnection, wealth convergence, and cultural exchanges and infusion through win-win cooperation and sharing.


The completed town in China-ASEAN Information Harbor Base. [Photo by Wei Yalin/WeChat account: gh_df8bc987e060]