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The China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone


Updated: 2021-08-16

This is Langdong in Nanning. With efforts to accelerate reforms and opening up, the once-barren Langdong is now one of the most prosperous parts in Nanning. Boasting the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, the China-ASEAN business district, the Minge Lake scenic spot and Nanning’s first multi-storey overpass, it is often chosen as an example of the city's achievements in reform and opening up.

1《崛起的邕城》卢伊琳 手机13607864396  2019年9月30日摄于埌东   0549-61_副本.jpg

Rising Nanning

2《埌东展新颜》卢伊琳  手机13607864396  2021年4月22日摄于埌东-DJI_0181_副本.jpg

The new scenery of Langdong

3《埌东新貌》卢伊琳  手机13607864396  2021年7月6日摄于埌东----DJI_0672_副本.jpg

The new look of Langdong

4《东盟商务区华灯齐放》卢伊琳  13607864396-临近春节,南宁市东盟商务区的高楼华灯齐放,打出了恭祝全市人们新春快乐的条幅。8034.35._副本.jpg

Lights shine on the ASEAN business district

5《南宁国际会展中心》卢伊琳 13607864396-DJI_0625_副本.jpg

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center