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Soybean import agreement signed in Qinzhou Port Area


Updated: 2021-04-20

Qinbao International Trade Co Ltd, a foreign trade company based in the Qinzhou Port Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone, on April 8 signed a soybean import agency agreement with Dafeng Hairong International Trade Co Ltd. 

He Bin, executive director and general manager of the Development and Investment Group in the Qinzhou Port Area, and Tao Ying,  chief executive and general manager of Jiangsu Dafeng Haigang Holding Group Co Ltd, signed the cooperation agreement.


A soybean import agreement is signed on April 8 in the Qinzhou Port Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone. [Photo/qzftz.gxzf.gov.cn]


He Bin(L) introduces the operation model of imported red wine. [Photo/qzftz.gxzf.gov.cn]

Dafeng Hairong International Trade Co Ltd is a wholly state-owned limited liability company, established by Jiangsu Dafeng Haigang Holding Group Co Ltd. Its main businesses cover bulk commodities, including metal minerals, non-metallic minerals, non-ferrous metals, timber, stone, coal, fuel oil, andagricultural products, and import and export of various commodities and technologies.

Based on the agreement, Qinbao will import 60,000 tons of Brazilian soybeans, apply for the genetically modified food label, the animal and plant entry inspection and quarantine permit and the automatic import license. It will also handle goods declarations and inspection affairs for the Hairong Company, which is an important step for Qinbao to start its bulk commodity trade.

After the signing ceremony, both sides exchanged views on the operation model of imported red wine and cross-border e-commerce.

In recent years, Qinbao has been committed to developing itself into “the most influential supply chain service platform in Southwest China”. It provides both upstream and downstream companies with services such as customs clearance and inspection, marketing channels, overseas agent purchasing, supply chain finance, and warehousing and logistics, taking advantage of its location and the policy advantages of the Qinzhou Port Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Thanks to the China-ASEAN small and medium sized trade promotion platform, Qinbao has developed international commodity import services and has established business relations with enterprises in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

In 2020, Qinbao continued expanding its business in importing bird’s nests, durian and automobiles, as well as initiating an independent customs declaration. With its rapid growth in business, the company was awarded the title of “2020 Outstanding Contribution Enterprise for Wholesale and Retail in Qinzhou City”.