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Guangxi launches employment program for college graduates




Updated: 2020-09-11

The Guangxi Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Guangxi Education Department have issued the Employment Work Plan for 2020 College Graduates in Guangxi, focusing on five actions spanning policy promotion, job promotion, grassroots growth, employment training, and youth entrepreneurship.

Policies on employment, entrepreneurship, and talent introduction, key directions in economic and social development, as well as demand for talents in key parks and enterprises will be publicized and interpreted at the policy promotion events to attract college graduates to work in Guangxi.

Focusing on high-quality employment information and accurate use of job resources, Guangxi will implement special recruitment activities, organizing high-quality enterprises and institutions for key recruitment sessions by region and industry that will deliver employment information to at least 300,000 graduates of universities in Guangxi.

Guangxi will encourage and guide college graduates to work in grassroots institutions in remote and difficult areas through policy interpretation of grassroots work and job fairs, organizing practical activities to strengthen college graduates' understanding of grassroots enterprises and institutions.

In addition, relevant departments of Guangxi will strive to organize at least 10,000 qualified youths to take part in job placements by the end of the year.

Guangxi will also encourage qualified cities to carry out activities like the selection of entrepreneurial stars and entrepreneurship presentations, recommending excellent entrepreneurship projects to participate in entrepreneurship innovation contests. It will also guide college graduates who are willing to start a business in Guangxi to settle in the business incubation base recognized by the human resources and social security departments at all levels.