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Guangxi issues development plan on B&B business




Updated: 2020-09-11

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region released the Guangxi Tourism Development Plan on B&B Business (2020-2025), resolving to increase the number of tourist homestays in Guangxi to around 3,000 and achieve over 6 billion yuan ($845.25 million) in tourism accommodation consumption.

Bed and breakfast (B&B) business, also known as minsu, literally means private accommodation. According to the plan, relying on its superior location conditions, excellent ecological environment, and high-quality tourism resources, Guangxi will increase financial support and policy services, as well as improve the management system of tourist homestays to cultivate a group of B&B brands with prominent features and strong market influence.

The plan clearly shows that by 2025, the region will have a total of 3,000 B&Bs, including more than 100 that are of the three-star level, as well as build eight benchmark tourist homestay demonstration sites. More than 15,000 direct jobs and 80,000 indirect jobs are expected to be created. All B&Bs in the region are expected to receive more than 10 million tourists and the consumption will exceed 6 billion yuan, making the B&B business an important support for the construction of a strong tourist area, as well as a new growth point for urban and rural economic development in Guangxi.

Focusing on Yangshuo county, as well as urban Guilin and surrounding areas, Guangxi will promote the high quality development of Guilin's B&B business towards diversification, standardization, and internationalization, making Guilin the leader of Guangxi's B&B industry.

The plan clarifies six specific areas of B&B business in North Guangxi, Southwest Guangxi, the Beibu Gulf, West Guangxi, Central Guangxi, and East Guangxi, each of which have different cultural themes, including landscape tourism, the folk culture of the Zhuang ethnic group, coastal vacations, longevity culture, ethnic culture, and Lingnan culture.

In addition, the plan also notes that Guangxi will create eight benchmark demonstration sites for major tourist B&B business, including: landscape tourism residences in Yangshuo county, Guilin; border tourism destinations in Daxin county, Chongzuo; an ancient cultural town in Zhaoping, Hezhou; countryside rural resorts in Longsheng Ge autonomous county, Guilin; a Weizhou Island holiday resort in Beihai; a Bama longevity healthcare tourism zone in Hechi; a Yao ethnic culture zone in Jinxiu Yao autonomous county, Laibin; and a Sanjiang Dong culture themed tourism area in Liuzhou.