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Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort (4A)




Updated: 2020-09-10


Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort [Photo/jqwwq.com]

Located in Santang town, Xingning district, Nanning, Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort is a tourist destination with a strong ethnic style and local characteristics. It is mainly based on hot spring eco-tourism, integrating tourism, sightseeing, recreation, accommodation, culture, and other business projects.

Since its official opening on Nov 19, 2005, Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort has focused on high-end customer groups and explored folk culture to cultivate a health hot spring market. With different levels and multiple themes that are integrated into Guangxi's unique Zhuang culture and ethnic tourism cultures, it has become a unique window for domestic and foreign guests to understand the culture of the Zhuang nationality and other ethnic minorities.

The spring water in the resort contains five main minerals and more than 30 kinds of trace elements, which has the effect of auxiliary treatment for many kinds of chronic diseases. Independent indoor and outdoor hot spring baths are also available in the resort's hotel. The resort has a water theme park with a modern fashion theme, which integrates participation, appreciation, entertainment, and interest. It has nearly 6,000 square meters of swimming pools, as well as an oversized sunscreen roof. The resort can also hold all kinds of business meetings, banquets, annual meetings, and exhibitions. There are two main restaurants, which serve Cantonese food and special local cuisines.

Address: No 9 Wenquan Road, Kunlun Avenue, Xingning district, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region

Tel: +860-771-5822598/+860-771-5820999

Website: www.jqwwq.com