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Nanning Rural World (4A)




Updated: 2020-09-10


Nanning Rural World. [Photo/nnxcdsj.com]

Covering a total area of 980 mu (65.33 hectares), Nanning Rural World is a rural theme ecological resort constructed by Nanning Weining Eco-park Co. It is located in Mengcun village, Santang town, Xingning district, Nanning, and is  about 15 kilometers from the downtown area.

Since its establishment, Nanning Rural World has offered a combination of pastoral sceneries and cultural landscapes as its theme. It focuses on maintaining the natural sceneries of surrounding villages and protecting the ecological balance of the scenic area. With its original agricultural preservation industry as the foundation, resources have been integrated and rationally developed, making it a large-scale ecological garden with green, health, and recreation services as its highlights.

The garden boasts fresh air, beautiful landscapes, characteristic pastoral sceneries, as well as comprehensive facilities such as accommodations, meeting rooms, restaurants, and entertainment. In addition, it has abundant tourism resources and excellent conditions for countryside recreation tourism, agricultural culture experiences, and outdoors sports. It is a popular place for handpicking fruits, sports, and vacation.

Nanning Rural World is a large eco-resort that integrates conferences and staff training, restaurants and accommodations, sports and entertainment, rural tourism, as well as agricultural tourism. It is equipped with hotel reception areas, conference rooms, special restaurants, comprehensive golf halls, chess and card rooms, an automobile tourist camp, large barbecue fields, equestrian clubs, professional development bases, a national defense education base, grape plantations, fruit and planting greenhouses, as well as children's playgrounds.