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Guangxi vocational schools


Updated: 2020-09-10

Guangxi College for Preschool Education

Tel: 0771-5869751; 0771-5872359

Address: No 77 Minzu Avenue, Nanning

No 6 College Road, Pingguo County, Baise City

Official website: http://www.gxyesf.com/ 

Guangxi Vocational & Technical College

Tel: 0771-4212461; 4213131

Address: No 19 Mingyang Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxzjy.com/ 

Nanning College for Vocational Technology

Tel: 0771-3821226; 0771-2029337

Address: No 169 College Road, Nanning

Official website: http://www.ncvt.net/# 

Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College

Tel: 0772-3156001; 0772-3156666

Address: No 28, Shewan Road, Liuzhou City, Guangxi

Official website: http://www.lzzy.net/english 

Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity

Tel: 0771-3249900; 3243821; 3278454

Address: No 101 East College Road, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxcme.edu.cn/english/enindex.htm 

Guangxi Vocational College of Water Resources and Electric Power

Tel: 0771-2085123; 2085228; 2085229

Address: No 99 Changqi Road, Nanning (Changqi Campus)

No 98 Changgang Avenue, Guangxi ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone (Lijian Campus)

No 104 Wuxiang Avenue, Nanning (Dashatian Campus)

Official website: http://www.gxsdxy.cn/ 

Guangxi Transport Vocational and Technical College

Tel: 0771-5626108

Address: No 12 North Yuanhu Road, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxjzy.com/JZYWEB/index.php 

Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction

Tel: 0771-3834563; 0771-3834473; 3836067

Address: No 33 Luowen Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxjsxy.cn/ 

Guangxi Agricultural Vocational College

Tel: 0771-3249899; 3246471; 3277701

Address: No 176 East College Road, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxnyxy.com.cn/PCIndex.html 

Guangxi International Business Vocational College

Tel: 0771-3279176; 0771-3241618

Address: No 168 East College Road, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxibvc.net/default.html 

Guangxi Economic and Trade Vocational Institute

Tel: 0771-5302168 ; 0771-5312199, 5300100

Address: No 14 Qingshan Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxjmzy.com/ 

Guangxi Electrical Polytechnic Institute

Tel: 0771-3212687; 0771-3217882

Address: No 39 Keyuan Avenue, Nanning

Official website: http://www.gxdlxy.com/