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Guangxi FTZ launches 29 new measures for cross-border trade




Updated: 2020-07-25

The Guangxi government introduced 29 new measures in five aspects according to the domestic and international advanced customs clearance supervision system to comprehensively improve the facilitation level of cross-border trade in the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Optimize customs clearance process at the ports

Guangxi FTZ will promote customs clearance modes, such as appointment clearance and two-step declaration, as well as optimize the inspection and quarantine procedures for imported auto parts, bulk resource commodities, and imported mineral products. It will also establish a convenient and efficient maritime service system, innovate its supervision mode of bonded oil and bonded R&D, as well as improve the customs clearance efficiency of Nanning Wuxu International Airport.

Improve taxation and financial services

Guangxi FTZ will implement export tax policies for cross-border e-commerce, promote the paperless processing of tax rebates throughout the process, and reduce the time for export tax rebates. The region will promote the reform of tax guarantee methods and support banking institutions to increase credit lines for cross-border trading enterprises and expand the coverage of credit loans.

Provide innovative border trade supervision services

Pingxiang, the land gateway of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, will be made full use of in developing a new model of border trade clearance supervision. The negative list of border trade and supervision procedures of fresh agricultural products will be implemented to improve the level of border trade supervision services.

Promote port efficiency and fee reduction

The FTZ will improve the operation efficiency of the container import and export links of Qinzhou Port, promote the reduction of intermediary fees, improve the service level of Pingxiang Railway Port, strengthen international cooperation in customs clearance, as well as expand AEO mutual recognition cooperation with ASEAN countries.

Enhance the intelligence level of port information

The FTZ will promote the acceleration of smart customs clearance by upgrading the "single window" of international trade, improving the level of smart supervision, building a one-stop access e-platform for Qinzhou Port, as well as implementing a self-service customs clearance model for entry and exit vehicles .