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Work permit management measures for expats in Guangxi FTZ




Updated: 2020-02-19

In order to better attract and recruit foreign talents, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has issued the Measures to Deepen the Administration of Work Permits for Foreigners to China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The measures contain four aspects which are the first to be initiated in the country, giving greater freedom and convenience to the introduction of foreign talents in the free trade zone.

A special approval mechanism, as well as detailed rules for the entry and employment of ordinary foreigners have been put forward. The establishment of a two-party joint examination and approval mechanism in which the human resources and social affairs department formulates the number of admissions according to the business needs and local employment conditions, in addition to the foreign employment approval department approving and applying for permits in accordance with the entry conditions, will enable key industries in the Guangxi FTZ to hire a certain number of ordinary foreign personnel to accelerate their development.

A more convenient work permit processing mechanism will also be set up. In order to allow high-end foreign talents who are interested in working in the Guangxi FTZ to begin work quickly, the measures allow foreign high-end talents to apply for work permits by submitting a commitment only, with reasonable causes for not submitting part of the approval materials.

Paperless examination and approval will be implemented in Guangxi FTZ. The measures have clarified that the examination and approval departments of all kinds of foreign talents and employers within the Guangxi FTZ accept online approval and verification of scanned and uploaded materials throughout the process on the foreigner's work permit service management system.

Special measures for ASEAN talents have been designated. Foreigners from ASEAN countries who have obtained a master's degree or higher and who are teaching in the native countries of ASEAN countries, as well as foreign college graduates who work or start businesses in Guangxi, are exempt from having work experience.

In addition, the Guangxi FTZ has also launched measures like allowing employers to hire foreign domestic helpers for foreign high-end talents, relaxing the employment age limit for foreign professional talents to 70 years old, and shortening the approval time to two working days.