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Hechi launches 8 red tourist routes
Updated: 2021-07-02

Hechi has launched eight "red tourism" routes, covering more than 30 tourist attractions and Party history education bases, in order to fully demonstrate the great achievements made by Hechi people under the leadership of the CPC during China's revolution, construction and reform periods.

1. Tracing Deng Xiaoping's footsteps

Recommended route: Hechi Revolutionary Memorial Hall - Former Site of 7th Red Army's Parade - Jinchengjiang Red Army Slogan Building - Nandan Patriotism Education Base - Wuai Nadi Patriotism Education Base - Donglan Red Tourism Area - Zhuangxiang General Memorial Garden - Bama Xishan Red Tourism Area - Renshouyuan Scenic Area


Hechi Revolutionary Memorial Hall. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

2. Tracing 7th Red Army's Footsteps 

Recommended route: Jinchengjiang Red Army Slogan Building - Hechi Military Parade Memorial Hall of the 7th and 8th Red Army - Hechi Revolutionary Memorial Hall - Jinchengjiang Park - Huaiyuan Ancient Town (Headquarters of the 7th Red Army) - Former Residence of Wei Yiping

3. Red Tourism Classic Scenic Tours

Recommended route: Donglan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery - Wei Baqun Memorial Hall - Zhuangxiang General Memorial Garden - Former Residence of Wei Guoqing - Former Residence of Wei Baqun - Exhibition Hall of Gonggeng Society - Former Site of 7th Red Army Committee - Guangxi Peasant Movement Institute Site


Wei Baqun Memorial Hall. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

4. Gratitude Journey

Recommended route: Sanmenhai Scenic Area - Fengshan Revolutionary Martyrs Park - Fengshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall - Balong Revolutionary Martyrs Park - Zhongting Red Rural Tourism Area

5. Experience construction achievements

Recommended route: Bama town Banyao village - Longtan Hydropower Station - Tianhu Eshan Modern Agriculture Demonstration Area - Dongtianjiuhai Scenic Area - Nandan Geyasigu Scenic AreaBaikuyao Ecological Museum


Longtan Hydropower Station. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

6. Experience rural revitalization 

Recommended route: Third Sister Liu's Hometown - Chinese Villagers' Autonomy Exhibition Center - Pingnan town Hezhai village - Mulun Karst Ecology Tourism Scenic Area - Maonan Gratitude Education Center - Colorful Maonan Scenic Area - Dongjiang town Liren village

7. Pursue dream tour

Recommended route: The birthplace of Maonan ethnic group, Nanchang village - Maonan Ethnic Gratitude Education Center - Maonan Ethnic Group Museum -  Colorful Maonan Scenic Area - Luocheng Cotton Tiankeng Scenic Area - Yu Chenglong Exhibition Hall - Mulam Ethnic Group Museum

8. Red research tour

Recommended route: Du'an Ethic Group Museum - Du'an High School - Du'an Shiqiaohua village - Du'an Sandao International Tourist Resort - Dahua Ethnic Group Museum - Dahua Revolutionary Memorial Hall

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