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Jinchengjiang Park
Updated: 2021-06-23


An aerial photo of Jinchengjiang Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Jinchengjiang Park is located on the southern slopes of Baimian Mountain in Hechi city's Jinchengjiang district. It is the first park in the central area of Hechi to focus on natural landscapes and leisure.

The park was built in 1969 and originally covered an area of 17 hectares. In order to speed up the pace of central urban development, the municipal government invested 50 million yuan ($7.7 million) to renovate the park in June 2009, and the total area was expanded to 45 hectares. The renovation project was completed on Jan 24, 2011. The new park is divided into four functional areas: the Red Education Area, Ethnic Customs Area, Bronze Drum Recreation Area and Health Recreation Area.

The gate of the park is three connected arched stone doors, and the name "Jinchengjiang Park" is engraved on the middle gate. There is a 30-meter-long marble pavement avenue, and a 170-meter-high hill with 505 stone steps. On both sides of the stone steps, there are cement pathways, a deep forest, as well as long corridors, hexagonal pavilions and benches at which tourists can have a rest.


The gate of Jinchengjiang Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Jinchengjiang Park is a regional leisure park integrating ecology and characteristic folk culture. The park has a high artistic value, historical value, cultural value and social value, making it a window through which can be seen an image of Hechi's future.

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