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Tian’e Liuhua pheasant


This bird is a ring-necked pheasant, which is domesticated and raised in Tian’e county, where it has a long history.

Passion fruit


The Passion fruit, or passiflora edulis, is one of the most aromatic fruits in the world and is called by some the “King of fruits”.

Autumn nectarine


The Tian’e autumn nectarine usually ripens in late September as a new late-maturing species bred from the local wild peach.

Shatian pomelo


Its Shatian pomelo is large in size, with a crisp taste tender fruit that is fresh and sweet to the taste, and rich in nutrition.



Tian’e hawthorn trees produce one of its most famous traditional fruits, its "red flower fruit", which has been cultivated for more than 300 years.

Early-maturing nectarine


The fruit is short-oval or almost round, and weighs 150 - 320 grams, is rose-red in color with a pulp that is white, firm, dense, and sweet in taste.

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