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Calcium carbonate at calcite science park


It is expected to cost just over 2 billion yuan, with 1.8 billion for assets, and is expected to produce 780.65 million yuan in output.

Silica powder production


The project area has convenient road transportation and is 100 kilometers from the regional capital of Nanning, and 150 km from the city of Hechi.

Bama Lilang Beverage production base renovation


This project calls for a comprehensive upgrade of a workshop, technical process, and assembly line to provide a new bottling line and bucketing line.

Industrial silicon facility


The project calls for the necessary plants and production facilities for an annual production of 200,000 tons of industrial silicon.

Upscale architectural coating


Architectural coatings are popular abroad, with large sales in the US and Japan.

Natural spring water


Fengshan has a superior ecology, environment, and vegetation and is the water source for Bama, a village famed for its longevity.

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