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Investment projects start construction in Hechi


From January 1 to May 15, 25 projects, with a total investment of 8.83 billion yuan ($1.24 billion) have started construction.

Hechi launches $2m feed crop cultivation project


The launching ceremony of the 10,000 mu trial project of replacing grain crop cultivation with feed crop cultivation in Dahua Yao autonomous county was held on May 9.

Construction of Du'an-Bama Expressway progresses smoothly


All prefabricated box beams of eight bridges connecting south Du'an Yao autonomous county and the center part of Xiabu village were completed on April 30.

Hechi to launch 11 furniture industry projects


Jinchengjiang district, Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county, Bama Yao autonomous county, Luocheng Mulam autonomous region, and Tian'e signed contracts with 11 enterprises during a Guangxi high-end furniture and home furnishing industry promotion teleconference.

Three major projects in Yizhou start construction


The groundbreaking ceremony of major projects, including the ecological restoration of the northern bank of the Longjiang River, as well as the Fifth Middle School and Fifth Kindergarten of Yizhou was held in Yizhou district, Hechi on April 22.

All major projects under construction in Hechi resume work


As of April 3, 48 autonomous region-level projects and 200 city-level projects under construction in Hechi have all been resumed.

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