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Bama's industrial output value reaches 896m yuan in 2015 H1


The Bama Yao autonomous county in Hechi, Guangxi, achieved 896 million yuan ($144.35 million) total industrial output value from January to June this year, according to Hechi Daily.

Hechi excels in mulberry field area and cocoon output yet again


Hechi's total mulberry field area and cocoon output have ranked the first for nine consecutive years in both nationwide and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Bama water explores high-grade water market


As the competition in drinking water industry is fierce, the Bama water fights for a market share in this high-intensity market.

Nearly 100 experts arrive in Hechi for research boost


Nearly 100 agricultural experts with PhD degrees started their science and technology service activity in Hechi on July 9, Hechi Daily reported.

Bama carries out anti-terrorist emergency drill


The public security bureau of Bama county in Hechi, Guangxi, carried out the 2015 anti-terrorist emergency drill at Chengdong Sports Square on July 3.

Yizhou promotes its tourism in Yulin

Yizhou promotes its tourism in Yulin


Yizhou held a tourism promotion activity in Yulin on July 9, Xinhua Net reported.

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