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Modern Sanyuesan Festival: Reviving tradition, culture, tourism
Updated: 2024-04-15

The traditional Sanyuesan Festival is celebrated in various forms. Some are held in open fields, while others set up singing pavilions at the village entrance to welcome singers. There are also singing festivals held along roadsides and village perimeters.

Surrounding the singing festival grounds, vendors gather and local trade thrives. In larger singing festivals, thousands of people of all ages from miles around come to participate, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere with endless singing and crowds of people.

Young men and women sing to develop relationships, exchange songs, play games, express affection, and exchange tokens of affection. In addition, there are activities such as throwing embroidered balls, egg-touching games, and Zhuang opera performances, allowing people of all ages to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

In contemporary times, some Sanyuesan singing festivals are regularly organized by local governments. For example, the Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival and the counties of Wuming, Bama, Long'an, Huanjiang, and Liujiang hold songs or tourism festivals every year.

Since 1985, Wuming county has held the song festival every year, featuring activities such as a performance and a Thousand People Bamboo Pole Formation competition, the King of Songs Competition, ethnic sports, square literary and artistic performances, and a tourism food festival.

In addition to official events, more are spontaneously organized by the public for the Sanyuesan mountain song gatherings in places like Yashan Scenic Area in Liucheng county and Wudeng village in Lipu county.

Sanyuesan singing gatherings are held not only in Guangxi but in other places as well. In cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, various forms of Sanyuesan Festival activities are held annually. The largest and most well-organized event is in Shanghai. Since 2009, the city has held five consecutive sessions of the "Guangxi Sanyuesan Singing Festival Echoing Across China" series of activities. 

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