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Hechi ethnic unity, colorful rural grand market held in Yizhou
Updated: 2024-04-12

On April 10, the opening ceremony of the Hechi Ethnic Unity and Colorful Rural Grand Market was held in Hechi's Yizhou district.

The event commenced with a dragon and lion Dance, in which local residents dressed in festive attire. It was followed by traditional songs and dances, the "Colorful Hechi" fashion show which showcased silk cheongsams and ethnic rural costumes, and authentic ethnic cultural performances.

The event also featured the Hechi agricultural dance exhibition, showcasing intangible cultural heritage programs such as "Caiqing," bamboo pole dancing, shoulder pole dancing, and fish drum performances, offering up a splendid festival banquet.

From April 10 to May 31 this year, Hechi will hold more than 10 major events, including the Sanyuesan art performance exhibition at the municipal level. Each county and district will organize over 80 series of activities such as folk song gatherings, bronze drum performances, intangible cultural heritage displays, and ethnic sports shows.

Altogether, the city will host 1,000 events, demonstrating the charm of ethnic culture, promoting ethnic unity and consolidating development momentum.


The opening ceremony of the Hechi Ethnic Unity and Colorful Rural Grand Market is held at the Yizhou district, Hechi city. [Photo/WeChat: hcrbnews]

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