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Explore secret of longevity in Bama, Hechi
Updated: 2024-04-01

China's longevity village in Jiazhuan town is a typical village that demonstrates the longevity culture of Bama Yao autonomous county, Hechi.

This village has a number of local people well into their 100s, making it the best destination for tourists to feel and experience the lifestyle of 100-year-old elders.

Meanwhile, it is a popular tourist attraction that draws a host of visitors to admire its scenery. Behind the village are mountains with lush forests, while the clear Panyang river runs around the village, all of which unite to make a picturesque scene.


Longevity village's backdrop of majestic mountains and the serene Panyang River offer a quiet and peaceful setting. [Photo/WeChat account: hcrbnews]

The village prides itself on its pure spring water, renowned for its freshness, lusciousness, and rich mineral content. Additionally, the area's soil is abundant in trace elements that are beneficial to health, contributing to the growth of nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits that are easy to digest.

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