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'King of mountain songs' ready for Sanyuesan Festival
Updated: 2024-03-26


Xie Qingliang, the 71-year-old "king of mountain songs." [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Xie Qingliang, known as "the king of mountain songs," from Yizhou district, Hechi, was invited to perform Liu Sanjie's folk songs at the 2024 Sanyuesan Festival.

Yizhou district, the hometown of Liu Sanjie, a famous folk singer, features its own unique folk song culture, represented by the Liu Sanjie Ballad. In Yizhou, folk songs are often sung to celebrate important festivals or major events. 

About a century ago, the district started to combine the culture with current policy, creating a series of mountain songs and performing them at the annual Sanyuesan Folk Songs Competition. Its efforts have not only helped to promote Sanyuesan folk song activities but also garnered increasing recognition from the public.

Xie is a national-level singer of Liu Sanjie Ballad. Inspired by his familial and hometown roots, he began to sing folk songs when he was a child. Through relentless hard work, he has become a master of the craft. Xie is not only a popular singer, but also a talented creator. Over the years, he has written numerous folk songs that tackle diverse topics such as current policy, the dangers of drugs, and filial piety, which have proven popular. He has received a host of national-level and autonomous region-level honors.

As part of efforts to pass down Liu Sanjie Ballad, Xie has trained a group of exceptional students, including Wei Shilong, Lan Zhenrong, Qin Dongming, Wei Zhibao, and Deng Xiao, aiming to ensure that the melodies continue to resonate through the ages.

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