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Hechi's tourism routes recognized nationally
Updated: 2023-09-27

On Sept 23, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a list of 149 national rural tourism gem routes - inviting everyone to explore the beautiful countryside during the autumn.

Among them, Guangxi has five routes selected, with one route from Hechi city.

The "Beautiful Hechi, Ethnic Wonderland" route features beautiful natural landscapes, rich ethnic customs and abundant folk elements.

Visitors can explore ethnic minority communities and experience their unique traditions. The enchanting ancient villages, exquisite ethnic costumes, meandering rivers and picturesque rural landscapes are expected to create an unforgettable time for tourists.

Here is the itinerary for this route:

Day 1: Hechi community in Hechi town (Red Army Drinking Horse River Camping Base, Hongxin Ecological Park Agriculture High-tech Plantation Demonstration Base) - Small Three Gorges Scenic Area - Xiaqiao Bamboo Sea Scenic Area

Day 2: Huanjiang Colorful Maonan City Scenic Area (Huanjiang Maonan Museum, Maonan Gratitude Education Center) - Huanjiang Mulun Karst Ecotourism Area

Day 3: Danquan Dongtian Jiuhai Culture Tourism Scenic Area - Yaowangtianxia Scenic Area - Gyesigu Scenic Area

Day 4: Yunguantian Tourism Area - Baping 1,000-mu Terraced Scenic Area - Manjiang Agricultural Tourism Area

Day 5: Return


A glorious evening view of the Huanjiang Colorful Maonan City Scenic Area. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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