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Technology supports pharmaceutical production in Donglan
Updated: 2023-09-26

A time-honored pharmaceutical enterprise in Hechi's Donglan county has upgraded its technology to promote production.

Donglan county, with its abundant ecological resources, fertile land, and warm climate, is an ideal base for the production and cultivation of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. Currently, the county has a cultivation area of 136,200 mu (9,080 hectares), providing raw materials for local pharmaceutical companies.

Established in Donglan in 1970, Guangxi Hefeng Pharmaceutical formerly known as Donglan County Pharmaceutical Factory, is a leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Hechi.

By investing 150 million yuan ($20.5 million) in technological upgrades and renovations, the company completed the construction of three nationally-leading small-volume injection production lines for chemical drugs, Chinese medicine, and anti-tumor drugs in early July.

"The newly-added high-tech production lines not only enhance the company's production capacity, but also improve the safety of our pharmaceutical products," said Huang Linlin, the company's executive director.

In addition, Hefeng Pharmaceutical has also established strategic partnerships with Guangxi University, Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, and the Guangxi Zhuang-Yao Pharmaceutical Innovation Collaborative Center. These collaborations aim to strengthen the company's research and technological breakthroughs as well as enhance the production process and quality standards of their products.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has received a continuous stream of orders. It is estimated that the company's output value will reach 300 million yuan this year and is expected to reach 600 million yuan by 2024.


A laboratory of Guangxi Hefeng Pharmaceutical. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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