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Hechi strives to build green development pilot zone
Updated: 2023-09-22


An aerial view of Bama Cifu Lake. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Hechi, as an important ecological barrier in northwest Guangxi, bears the significant responsibility of constructing a green development pilot zone.

In order to achieve this, the local government has implemented the river, forest, and field chief system, as well as enacted several local regulations on water resource protection. These efforts have laid a foundation for the construction of the green development pilot zone.

Since 2022, the city's rate of excellent air quality has increased 98.63 percent of days, while the water quality in national assessment sections has reached a 100 percent compliance rate, and the forest coverage has increased to 71.57 percent.

A total of 44 natural reserves, geological parks, wetland parks, and other nature conservation areas have been established throughout the city.

Moreover, the Hechi Economic Development Zone and Hechi High-tech Zone have established regional-level industrial parks, with 26 national-level and regional-level green factories fostered so far.

New industries, such as renewable energy, silk production, drinking water, eco-tourism, high-end liquor, and modern forestry, have flourished, leading to a 3.3-percent decrease in energy consumption relative to industrial added value in the city's above-scale industries.

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