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3rd China silk industry conference held in Nanning
Updated: 2023-09-21

On Sept 19, the 3rd China Silk Industry High-Quality Development Conference, along with the Cocoon Silk Commodity Trade Exchange, was held in Nanning.

The conference aimed to promote the entry of Chinese silk products into both the ASEAN and other international markets as well as to support Hechi in becoming a "New Silk Capital of China."

As the largest silkworm cocoon silk production base in the country, Hechi has maintained its leading position in terms of the total area of mulberry gardens and cocoon yield for 19 consecutive years. Its high-grade raw silk has become the designated raw material for many luxury brands, and silk products have enjoyed global popularity.

During the conference, the China Silk Association presented an analysis of the 2023 production and trade situation of Chinese silk cocoons, and Hechi government officials introduced the Hechi silkworm cocoon silk industry.

The China International Economic Cooperation Society delivered a report on the Belt and Road Initiative's impact on international economic cooperation in silk textiles. The Hechi Light Textile City Industrial Park Management and the Guangxi Bulk Silk International Trading Center conducted project roadshows.


On Sept 19, the 3rd China Silk Industry High-Quality Development Conference is held in Nanning. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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