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Hechi liquor producer utilizes modern technology
Updated: 2023-09-15

Danquan Wine, located in Hechi's Nandan county, innovatively adopts smart workshops to produce baijiu, or white liquor.

"This is the first domestically established smart workshop for the production of sauce-flavored baijiu. To achieve this, we conducted extensive research visits to the top 100 domestic liquor companies over the last 10 years," said Qin Jianliang, vice general manager and chief engineer of Danquan Wine.

In 2022, Danquan's sauce-flavored workshop project, with an investment of 168 million yuan ($23 million), was put into operation.

"Traditional baijiu production relied heavily on manual labor," Qin said. This type of work also faced challenges in recruiting sufficient manpower.

Nowadays, traditional brewing techniques have been integrated with advanced technology, enabling automation in material conveying, brewing adjustments, and baking processes.

The amount of grain input per worker per day has increased from 16 metric tons in traditional workshops to the current 40 tons, reducing labor costs by nearly 30 percent. Additionally, unlike traditional workshops that can only utilize a single level, smart workshops can operate in a three-level structure, increasing land utilization efficiency by 2.7 times and doubling the production capacity per unit.

Currently, Danquan Wine produces 15,000 tons of sauce-flavored Baijiu annually, with an output value exceeding 3 billion yuan.

Danquan Wine ranked 36th on Guangxi's Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises list and 62nd on Guangxi's overall Top 100 Private Enterprises list.


Danquan Wine's smart workshop. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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