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Mid-Autumn, National Day activities in Hechi
Updated: 2023-09-13

Hechi will host a variety of events during the Mid-Autumn and National Day holidays. Let's experience the colorful charm of Hechi together!

1. Cycling event

Date: Sept 25

Location: Liujia town, Jinchengjiang district, Hechi

Activities: A fitness and leisure cycling activity.

2. Mid-Autumn and National Day park tours

Date: Sept 28 to Oct 7

Location: Liuhezhai Scenic Spot, Yizhou district

Activities: Lantern riddles, moonlight photography, pottery making, camping, and large-scale performances.


A large-scale performance is held at the Liuhezhai Scenic Spot. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

3. Baiku Yao bonfire evening parties

Date: Aug 23 to Sept 30

Location: Geyasigu Scenic Area, Nandan county, Hechi

Activities: Bronze drum welcoming ceremony; Baiku Yao evening bonfire parties every Friday and Saturday.

4. Mid-Autumn moon appreciation event

Date: Sept 29 to Oct 3

Location: Shiwei village, Luocheng Mulam autonomous county, Hechi

Activities: Moon appreciation event, snack tasting, song and dance performances, long table banquet, evening bonfire parties.


An evening bonfire party is held in Shiwei village. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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