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Hechi launches high-speed rail tourism routes
Updated: 2023-09-12

After the Hechi section of the Guiyang-Nanning High-Speed Railway opened to the public, Hechi city has launched seven high-speed rail tourism routes, three of which are highlighted below.

1. Liu Sanjie cultural experience tour

Upon arrival at Hechi West Station by high-speed rail, visitors can rent a car and embark on a self-drive journey.

DAY 1: Jinchengjiang Pearl Rock scenic area, Jinchengjiang Three Gorges scenic area, Yizhou Huaiyuan ancient town, Yizhou Jialian Silk Culture Industrial Park, Hechi Garden Expo Park.

DAY 2: Yizhou Liu Sanjie Cultural Museum, Yizhou Liu Sanjie Hometown scenic area, Liu Sanjie Gexiang Pastoral Complex.


The Yizhou Liu Sanjie Hometown scenic area. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

2. The ethnic charm tour

After arriving at Huanjiang Station by high-speed rail, visitors can rent a car and go on a self-drive tour.

DAY 1: Huanjiang Niujiaozhai Waterfall Cluster scenic area, Mulun Karst ecotourism area, Huanjiang Colorful Maonan scenic area.

DAY 2: Luocheng Chenglong Lake Park, Mulam Ethnic Museum, Luocheng Cotton Tiankeng scenic area, Changsheng Cave scenic area.

DAY 3: Yizhou Liu Sanjie Hometown scenic area, Nandan Baiku Yao Ecological Museum, Nandan Geyasigu scenic area, Yaowang Tianxia scenic area.

DAY 4: Nandan Dongtianjiuhai scenic area.


The Luocheng Cotton Tiankeng scenic area. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

3. World longevity hometown tour

Upon arrival at Du'an Station by high-speed rail, visitors can rent a car and begin a self-drive exploration.

DAY 1:Du'an Chengjiang National Wetland Park, Du'an Underground River National Geopark, Du'an Sandao Bay International Tourism Resort.

DAY 2: Dahua Qimei Shuicheng scenic area, Dahong town, Hongshui River Baili Hualang scenic area, Dahua Lover's Bay International Leisure and Sports Park.

DAY 3: Dahua Yantan tourism area, Dahua Qibailong National Geopark, Bama Bainao Cave scenic area, Bama Longevity Village.

DAY 4: Bama Crystal Palace, Fengshan Sanmenhai scenic area.

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