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High-speed rail ignites Hechi's tourism, consumption market
Updated: 2023-09-04

The Hechi section of the Guiyang-Nanning High-speed Railway opened on Aug 31, bringing vitality to Hechi's tourism and consumption sectors.

To celebrate this historic moment, people gathered in the waiting hall of Hechi West Station dressed in traditional clothing from several ethnic groups, such as Baiku Yao, Bunu Yao, and Maonan.

That morning, 258 tourists took the G4308 train to Hechi West Station to participate in the inaugural ceremony of the Guiyang-Nanning High-speed Railway. They also discovered Hechi's cultural charm through unique ethnic cultural performances.

Over the next three days, this group will visit several scenic spots, like Liu Sanjie's Hometown, Luocheng Cotton Tiankeng, Huanjiang Niujiaozhai Waterfall Group, and Nandan Geyasigu - China Baiku Yao Eco-cultural Park.

They will explore the natural wonders of karst landforms, listen to melodious Liu Sanjie folk songs, participate in a Baiku Yao bonfire party, as well as experience the ancient and mysterious customs of the Mulam and Maonan ethnic groups.

A sales activity for Hechi's special agricultural products was also held at Hechi West Station on the same day. Some 37 companies showcased over 150 special agricultural products, such as Mulun natural spring water, Hechi camellia oil, and Bama fragrant pork, all of which attracted many tourists to buy products and businessmen to sign purchase agreements.


A folk show is performed at Hechi West Station on Aug 31. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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