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4 railway stations in Hechi enter final stage of construction
Updated: 2023-08-29

With the upcoming opening of the Nanning to Libo section of the Guiyang-Nanning High-Speed Railway, construction on Hechi West, Huanjiang, Du'an, and Yong'an Town stations has entered the final stages.

The construction team currently has 636 workers at Hechi West Station's plaza. They are responsible for the installation of glass curtain walls on the commercial exterior facades, epoxy flooring construction, elevator installation, installation of mechanical and electrical components, ventilation and fire pipelines, as well as the construction of independent commercial projects.

At Huanjiang Station's plaza, about 90 percent of ground tiles have been laid, and the top sunshades of the station's front corridor are being installed.

The main construction work on Yong'an Town Station's plaza has been completed, and the placement of flower beds on the plaza is progressing smoothly, suggesting that all work will be completed before the opening.

The main construction work on Du'an Station's plaza has also been completed. The beautiful plaza park attracts many visitors who come to admire the sights and take photos.


Du'an Station's plaza is decorated with flowers. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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