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Jinchengjiang's art wall becomes tourist magnet
Updated: 2023-08-21

In recent days, a tourism and culture wall near the Nancheng Department Store in in Jinchengjiang district of Hechi has become a popular hot spot for tourists.

The wall combines hand-painted art with physical elements, depicting the historical memories and urban tourism features of Jinchengjiang.

The content of the wall includes the new high-speed rail district, the Liujia Small Three Gorges, Longjiang First Bay, Zhuang ethnic mythology characters, as well as local folk customs and other cultural elements.

The wall is also said to have brought increased popularity to nearby businesses. Wei Mingmei, the owner of a local specialty store in the alley, said: "Many people come to the wall to take photos, which brings some customers to my store. When tourists come, I can introduce the wall to them, acting as a temporary tour guide."

In order to the enrich local cultural atmosphere, Jinchengjiang district's government departments organized for college students to create the  wall. It took 10 days to complete seven art pieces, covering over 170 square meters.


The eye-catching wall shows the name of Jinchengjiang's major scenic spots. [Photo/Hechi Daily]


This section of wall shows Jinchengjiang's new high-speed rail district. [Photo/Hechi Daily]


This section of the wall shows two girls enjoying watermelons during the summer. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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