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Bama's tourism route gets nationally promoted
Updated: 2023-08-15

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released 143 boutique national rural tourism routes, among which Guangxi has six selected routes, including the "wellness paradise - Bama" tourism route in Hechi.

Bama Yao autonomous county is known as the "World Longevity Village". In recent years, Bama has promoted the transformation of its simple tourism sector to a holistic wellness tourism industry, which accelerated the county's development to become a world-class tourist destination.

The main itinerary of the "wellness paradise - Bama" tourism route includes: Bama Narada Resort & Spa by Cifu Lake, the Renshouyuan Scenic Area in Pinglin village, the Ming River and the Crystal Palace Scenic Area in Nashe town, "longevity village" in Jiazhuan town, the Shouyuan Pastoral Complex, the Longhong Natural Scenic Area, and Cifu Lake Resort.

The best travel time to travel this route is from June to September.


An aerial of the Ming River. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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