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Sunshine muscat grapes ripen in Luocheng
Updated: 2023-08-02


Sunshine muscat grapes hang on branches in a Luocheng garden. [Photo/China News Service]

Longma village in Siba town, Hechi city's Luocheng Mulam autonomous county, was recently blessed with a bountiful yield of sunshine muscat grapes.

"This is the sixth year since I started growing these sunshine muscat grapes. With the recommendation from the county's agricultural service station, I learned grape cultivation techniques from the Guangxi Agricultural Sciences Institute. After that, I cultivated over 10 mu (0.67 hectares) of sunshine muscat grapes. Unexpectedly, my efforts have paid off! Even before the grapes were fully ripened, I received numerous inquiries and reservations over the phone," said Xie Songkui, a farmer in the village.

Due to their large size, concentrated flavor, and sweet taste, these sunshine muscat grapes are highly favored by consumers. In Longma village, 20 mu of the grapes are cultivated annually, with a yield of up to 750 kilograms per mu. It is estimated that the total volume will exceed 15,000 kg in 2023, thereby increasing the income of farmers by more than 300,000 yuan ($41,770).

Luocheng plans to continue fully utilizing its local resources and adjusting its industrial layout to promote rural vitalization.

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