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Summer travel routes in Hechi
Updated: 2023-07-12

1. Slow trek through Longevity Hometown

Itinerary: Nanning - Donglan - Bama - Fengshan, three days two nights

DAY 1: Nanning - Donglan

Start from Nanning, visit the Changle Palace in Donglan, explore the karst cave landscape, and experience rafting on the Xianghe River. Accommodation at Donglan Zequn Hotel.

DAY 2: Donglan - Bama

Visit the Hongshui River First Bay Scenic Area in Donglan. Explore the Bama Crystal Palace, the Bama Renshouyuan Scenic Spot, and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Cifu Lake. Accommodation at Bama Narada Resort & Spa Cifu Lake.

DAY 3: Bama - Fengshan - Return

Go to the Bama Baimo Cave Scenic Area to explore the secret to longevity, and visit the centenarians in Bama Longevity Village. Explore Fengshan Sanmenhai World Geopark, and see the water skylight. Return to Nanning.


Fengshan Sanmenhai World Geopark. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

2. Trek through the beautiful mountain and water

Itinerary: Nanning - Luocheng - Yizhou - Nandan, four days three nights

DAY 1: Nanning - Luocheng

Visit Chenglong Lake Park in Luocheng, the Mulam Ethnic Museum, and the Cotton Tiankeng Scenic Area. Accommodation at Cotton Tiankeng Cliff Hotel.

DAY 2: Luocheng - Yizhou - Nandan

Take a boat tour on the Xiajian River and visit the Liu Sanjie Hometown Scenic Area. Visit Guangxi Garden Expo Park and explore Huaiyuan ancient town in Yizhou. Accommodation at Nandan Gates Hotel in the Geyasigu Scenic Area.

DAY 3: Nandan

Visit the Geyasigu Scenic Area and the Yaowangtianxia Scenic Area, and enjoy the bronze drum dance performance. Visit the Nandan Lihu Baiku Yao Ecological Museum and the Danquan Dongtian Jiuhai Scenic Area, the largest liquor production base in Guangxi. In the evening, experience the mineral springs at the Nandan Mineral Spa Ecological-Tourism Area. Accommodation at Nandan Mineral Spa Geomagnetic Hotel.

DAY 4: Nandan - Return

Visit the Danlu Mountain Scenic Area in Nandan. Go dirt bike riding along the Sancha River. Return to Nanning.


The Danquan Dongtian Jiuhai Scenic Area. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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