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Blooming lotuses in Jinchengjiang attract visitors
Updated: 2023-07-04

During the summer season, lotuses bloom abundantly across the 350-mu (23-hectare) Ladan Lotus Valley in Balie village, Liuwei town, Jinchengjiang district, Hechi, presenting a breathtaking sight that attracts many tourists.

Located about 10 kilometers from Jinchengjiang's urban area, the valley is conveniently accessible via a secondary road and a bicycle path that passes through the village. Its beautiful scenery and unique location both contribute to its popularity as a leisure and entertainment destination.

The valley plans to build several new areas to better accommodate tourists, including the construction of a lotus viewing area, a farming garden, a farming academy, a fruit and vegetable picking garden, a swimming pool, and a water safety awareness zone.

During this year's three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the valley received more than 4,000 visitors and earned a revenue of 40,000 yuan ($5,542). Now is the best time to appreciate the flowers, as the blooming period for lotus flowers usually lasts until September. During this time, visitors can not only enjoy the view but they can also harvest lotus seeds for consumption. It is estimated that the valley can yield between 250 to 400 kilograms of lotus seeds per mu.

Additionally, to increase the efficiency of the lotus field, the cooperative has introduced 10,000 fish fry into the lotus ponds. The implementation of a multi-layered fish farming system in the lotus field will drive the collective economy of the village.


Lotuses are in full bloom in Ladan Lotus Valley. [Photo/Hechi Daily]


Tourists appreciate beautiful lotuses in Ladan Lotus Valley. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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