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Hechi develops tourism formats, expands industry chain
Updated: 2023-04-25

Focusing on the long-term goal of "building a world tourism destination", Hechi has been developing multiple tourism formats, combining tourism development with culture, rural areas, commerce, wellness, and consumption.

The Cotton Tiankeng Tourism Resort in Luocheng Mulam autonomous county has transformed its tourism format from traditional sightseeing tours to vacation, wellness, and leisure tourism. Tourists can now visit the ancient houses of the Mulam ethnic group, experience an original Mulam welcoming ceremony, and experience traditional festivals such as the Yifan Festival. They can also participate in ethnic sports competitions, and appreciate unique Mulam ethnic cultural projects.

As a result, the scenic area has received over 80,000 tourists within the first quarter of 2023, with an estimated annual tourist throughput of over 300,000.


The Cotton Tiankeng Tourism Resort. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Hechi is making full use of its world-class tourism brands, namely its silk culture, bronze drum culture, Liu Sanjie's folk culture, as well as its calling card as the hometown of world longevity.

In recent years, Hechi has created several pastoral complexes to boost rural vitalization. As of 2022, it had completed constructions on 11 pastoral complexes, with a total investment of 4.62 billion yuan ($670 million).

The Lyudao Huahai Pastoral Complex in Mangchang town, Nandan county is the first autonomous-region-level pastoral complex in Hechi, with a total investment of 620 million yuan. Through the integrated development of agriculture, culture, and tourism, it attracts nearly 300,000 tourists annually.

Every year, nearly 120,000 people live partially in Bama, coming and going like migratory birds. Bama has been transitioning from a single sightseeing tourism model to a comprehensive wellness tourism model that integrates the big health industry.

Dahong town in Dahua Yao autonomous county has seen a boom in its night economy. In 2022, this sector of the town's tourism received more than 3 million tourists.

Tian'e county integrates its natural resources and is constructing a number of sports and wellness projects. Du'an Yao autonomous county continues to develop its sports and tourism projects, which feature jungle exploration, outdoor camps, mountain sports, and water sports. Additionally, Donglan county has done a good job in protecting and utilizing its red resources to develop red tourism models.

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