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Hechi wetlands reap benefits from ecological protection
Updated: 2023-03-23

Since the launch of the wetland restoration pilot project in 2014, Hechi has invested more than 300 million yuan ($44 million) into ecological protection, creating three national wetland parks.

As a major ecosystem, wetlands have multiple ecological functions, including water conservation, water purification, flood control, drought prevention, climate regulation, and biodiversity maintenance. They are known as the "kidney of the Earth".

Donglan Pohao Lake is located in the middle reaches of the Hongshui River. In 1992, the downstream Yantan Hydropower Station impounded and raised the river's water level, forming a wetland with a total area of 549.4 hectares in Changle town, Donglan county. In 2014, the National Forestry and Grass Administration approved Pohao Lake as a pilot project for the construction of a national wetland park.

The water quality of the park has maintained national Class II standards, attracting a large number of birds to migrate here every winter. To date, 21 species of national second-class protected animals and six species of national second-class protected plants have been found in the park.

More than 2000 villagers from two villages around the park take part in wetland management and protection activities. The park has also become a tourist attraction, which benefits local residents. During its peak tourist season, the average daily turnover of a villager's small street stall can reach over 5,000 yuan.

Ottelia flowers have recently begun to bloom in Du'an Chengjiang National Wetland Park. This is a rare aquatic medicinal plant under national protection and is sensitive to environment, so it is a testament to the park's efforts to protect the natural ecology.

After environmental remediation, Nandan Laxi National Wetland Park has become a paradise for protected animals and plants.

Around Laxi National Wetland Park, Guangxi Zhengxin Industrial Group has invested 1.04 billion yuan to create the World Baiku Yao Tourism Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park. Upon completion, the project is expected to achieve an annual output value of 1.2 billion yuan. It will become a driving force for the creation of Nandan's tourism brand.

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