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Hechi completes project investment of 2.79b yuan in Jan
Updated: 2023-03-02

By the end of January, Hechi had completed an accumulative investment of major projects at the autonomous-region and municipal levels of 2.79 billion yuan ($405 million).

There are 57 projects planned to start in the first quarter, with a total investment of 16.66 billion yuan for that period and an annual planned investment of 4.13 billion yuan, mainly covering industries, infrastructure, social services and people's livelihoods.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project commencement activities in the first quarter, the city sorted out the project list, formulated the work plan and carried out field research in advance.

The city also sped up the examination and approval of preliminary examination and approval items such as planning, land use, forest use, environmental impact assessment and energy conservation. It made efforts to carry out service guidance and solve problems in the preparation of project construction.

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