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Hechi Garden Expo Park
Updated: 2022-12-15

On Dec 15, the 13th Guangxi (Hechi) Garden and Horticulture Expo, hosted by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, kicked off in Hechi.

Hechi Garden Expo Park is located on the bank of Jinshan Lake in Yizhou district, seven kilometers from downtown Yizhou. The design was inspired by the two main characteristics of Hechi, as outlined above.

The 14 totem poles on Jinxiu Square, the main entrance of the east gate of the park, represent the 14 prefecture-level cities in Guangxi. In Jinxiu Square, tourists can appreciate the main exhibition hall of Hechi Garden Expo Park, whose shape was inspired by the mountain peaks of karst landforms.

Entering the east gate, tourists can walk forward to see the Tongxin Corridor. This symbolizes how all the cities in Guangxi worked together to build the park, while also reflecting the spirit of togetherness espoused by the eight ethnic groups inhabiting Hechi, namely the Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Mulam, Maonan, Dong and Sui people.

Passing through the Tongxin Corridor, tourists can see a 10-meter-high decorative wall made from part of a giant bronze drum. The mascots of the expo, "Liu Sanjie" and "Aniu Ge", are vividly depicted on the bronze drum wall, welcoming guests from all over the world.

Hechi Garden is one of the main exhibition areas of Hechi Garden Expo Park. It will host a number of cultural performances by ethnic minorities.

With a height of 82 meters, Gexiantai offers commanding views of the park. The overall shape of the building is meant to represent Liu Sanjie singing by the lake. As tourists ascend it, they can soak up breathtaking views of Hechi Garden Expo Park from on high.

The Bagui Garden Exhibition Area gathers the exhibition gardens of 13 prefecture-level cities in Guangxi (excluding Hechi) and showcases the highlights of 13 urban garden buildings and other gardening achievements.

The water island ecological experience area and the mountain health experience area both offer stunning natural landscapes in the park. Tourists can board a cruise ship and go boating on Jinshan Lake to enjoy them up close and personal.


An aerial view of Hechi Garden Expo Park. [Photo/Gao Dongfeng]

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