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Promotional video of 13th Guangxi (Hechi) Garden and Horticulture Expo
Updated: 2022-12-14

The 13th Guangxi (Hechi) Garden and Horticulture Expo will hold its opening ceremony on Dec 15. The Hechi Garden Expo Park will then open to tourists at 12:00 on Dec 15.

During this Expo, seven major exhibitions will be held in the main exhibition halls in the south and north of Hechi Garden Expo Park. These include two flower arrangement art exhibitions, a calligraphy exhibition, a rare stone exhibition, a cultural tourism and agricultural special products exhibition, a silk exhibition, and a bonsai exhibition. The exhibitions are open at 9:00-17:00 from Dec 15 to 21.

Literary and artistic performances (10:00-11:00, 16:00-17:00, and 20:00-21:00) on the Sanyuesan Gexian Platform will be seen from Dec 15 to 18. The folk culture exhibition (9:00-17:00) will be held in the exhibition halls from Dec 15 to Jan 15, 2023. Shouyuan Square will have a food festival (9:00-22:00) every day from Dec 15 to Jan 15, 2023. The special agricultural products exhibition (9:00-22:00) will be held at the East Gate Square from Dec 15 to 21.

During the opening ceremony at Hechi Park Expo Park, flow restriction measures will be taken to open the park in an orderly fashion, and the maximum capacity of visitors to the park every day will not exceed 20,000. Visitors must wear masks when entering the park. It is suggested that tourists pay attention to the WeChat account "Hechi Park Expo Park" (at "hcyby01") to learn about the park's activities.

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