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Industrial parks in Hechi see revenue hit $2.2b
Updated: 2022-12-02

Hechi's industrial parks have recorded remarkable results in a range of areas this year.

From January to November, they achieved operating revenues of 15.56 billion yuan ($2.2 billion), up 51.7 percent year-on-year, thus hitting the annual target of 15 billion yuan a month ahead of schedule.

Total investment in newly signed investment projects was 3.69 billion yuan, equivalent to 167.5 percent of the annual goal. Some 3 billion yuan of new projects were signed, 273 percent of the annual task, and 2.36 billion yuan of investment capital was put in place, 102 percent of the year's target.   

To upgrade the quality of supporting infrastructure, the park has promoted a number of linkage transportation projects such as the routes running from Desheng to Gaoming and from Baitu to Kenyan.

The cost of gas for enterprises in the park has been reduced by nearly 2 yuan per cubic meter, after construction work wrapped up on connecting piped natural gas. To enhance the ecological vitality of the park, its 28-kilometer road network has been greened.


Daren Industrial Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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